As a teenager I wasn't even overweight, but was still very self conscious about my body.

I was surrounded by family who were very image focused and wanting to be slim. I then very much led life where my weight was constantly changing depending on what diet I was doing or whether I was emotionally eating.

I also had three pregnancies with big babies, meaning my body had further physical changes.

I used to be very focused on how my body looked, but after lots of work on my mindset I'm more focused on looking after my body to be healthy, rather than being concerned about my shape.

What was your reason for wanting to take part?

Raising six girls it scares me how influenced they could be by the images portrayed in the media and the constant filtering apps. This project helps raise awareness of the reality of women's bodies and that it is normal to be all shapes and sizes and have different blemishes and stretch marks. No two bodies are the same.

Three words to describe how you felt immediately after the session:

Empowered, reassured, valued.

What was your reaction when you saw the final images?

I thought they were so beautifully done and they made me feel content about my body.