I had a dramatic weight loss after becoming very unwell. My body put me through a lot and I used to feel so disgusted by what I saw. I now know that it’s okay to be the way you are, everything is beautiful and it’s a huge sense of relief and contentment.

What was your reason for wanting to take part?

I’ve had a Rocky relationship with my body ever since I started puberty. I wanted to be able express my love for my body I have now as a reminder to my younger self that it was always beautiful.

How did you feel following the session?

I feel like it’s opened up an entirely new view on myself and how my body looks. That whatever marks and scars I have on there, it’s totally natural.

What was your reaction when you saw the final images?

I was in complete awe. The images are so amazing, I can’t describe the feeling of happiness I felt when I saw them.