How long have you been doing this?

I really started my photography journey back in 2013, launching my business four years later. Initially focusing on birth and family portraiture but, over time, I have really enjoyed exploring the creative side of the female form, which brings us up to where you find me now.

Who can take part?

Anyone who identifies as female is welcome to take part, the only requirement is that each participant is 18+.

Do you Travel?

Yes, it is possible. Ideally, I am asking participants to travel to me or be within a 50 mile radius of TA12. If I travel, I will aim to see a number of women within the same day to maximise the trip.

Do you retouch the photos?

Put simply, no. Minor adjustments, for example, to white balance and exposure may be made but I do not retouch the participant's skin in any way. This project is all about showing real, raw, honest bodies.

What should I wear?

Nothing! Participants must be comfortable with full nudity.

Do you have to share the images publicly?

Yes, all participants must be happy to sign a model release agreement prior to the session.

Do I get to keep the photos?

As a thank you for being so bloody brilliant, each participant will receive a copy of all the final images. This will be sent via digital download for you to keep.

How do I get involved ?

For more details on the project and to register your interest in taking part, head to the 'About' page. Alternatively, you can hit the button below.